IntraMed was created in 1997 by Laboratorios Roemmers to be the first completely exclusive portal for the medical community. It is designed to help introduce healthcare professionals to the technologies of the new millennium.

With IntraMed, Laboratorios Roemmers was a pioneer in Argentina by offering free access to scientific information for medical professionals on the Internet. It has grown exponentially since then, reaching over 250,000 users in all of Latin America. The philosophy of IntraMed is based on the idea of creating the most advanced yet user-friendly technological platform in order to provide medical professionals effective tools for teaching, conducting research and staying current in medical and scientific matters. Access to IntraMed is restricted to medical professionals in order to ensure privacy and professional confidentiality.  The site enables healthcare providers to be in touch with the universe of current medical thought, to obtain the latest scientific information and to participate in discussion forums with colleagues. IntraMed also provides healthcare providers an email address ( for professional use.  All of this is conducted in an environment of academic excellence and backed up by scientific associations and well-known medical and scientific experts.  

IntraMed site content is generated exclusively in Spanish and all site content is free for registered members. Content selection is done by a group of specialists who organize studies, reports and news bulletins of interest to doctors. IntraMed not only serves as an Internet portal (via dialup or wide band access) but it also speeds up the task of finding relevant medical or scientific information. The thousands of inquiries through the IntraMed call center or email channels show IntraMed has become an essential tool for many professionals and researchers.

The participation in academic activities matches the activity of disseminating information within the medical community on the agenda of meetings of this sort and consensus documents , becoming thus the natural channel of communication for scientific associations and other organizations.

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