About Roemmers

Laboratorios Roemmers is able to successfully face the challenges and changes in the pharmaceutical industry due to a very sound infrastructure backed up by an efficient commercial distribution system.  When you add in the prestige of the Roemmers brand name and its products, you find a company devoted to maintaining itself as a strong and competitive company in today’s global pharmaceutical market.

The company’s goal is to exceed its own accomplishments with the aim of improving the quality of living , as well as the hope and well-being of millions of people . This philosophy can be summarized in the company’s motto “Roemmers, concern for life.”

Since its inception in 1921, Laboratorios Roemmers has established itself as a leader in the Argentine pharmaceutical industry. The company’s dedication to quality has allowed it to achieve the prestige and significant market share it now enjoys. For over two decades the company has been ranked first among national international pharmaceutical laboratories. This is an achievement the company and all it employees are extremely proud of.

The core focus of Roemmers is the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products designed to help healthcare providers improve healthcare delivery. Roemmers’ products cover a variety of health conditions including those of the coronary, digestive, respiratory systems. Our products also treat psychiatric and neurological disorders as well as rheumatologic and infectious diseases.

Roemmers has grown and thrived in the face of the many challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry today. This growth is due to Roemmers taking advantage of the latest breakthroughs in the rapidly changing global process of healthcare delivery.

Roemmers’ well developed infrastructure, combined with an efficient distribution system and backed by the prestige of its name and the reputation of its products, has allowed Roemmers to succeed and thrive in the challenging environment of today’s pharmaceutical industry. Roemmers has proven itself to be a strong partner in healthcare delivery in today’s marketplace.