Laboratorios Roemmers produces a wide range of medicines for the most important therapeutic lines. Roemmers is a leader in the product of pharma used in the specialties of cardiology, pediatrics, clinical practice, geriatrics and surgery.

Five out of the ten best-selling medicines in the country are produced by Roemmers: Lotrial, Optamox, Amoxidal, Sertal Compuesto and Losacor (Source: IMS).

Remaining true to its philosophy, Roemmers has become the largest pharmaceutical laboratory in Argentina. It leads the market in terms of volume of invoicing, prescriptions and units sold. Laboratorios Roemmers ranks first above names that are well-known in the international pharmaceutical market. The company has achieved its success in the Argentine pharmaceutical market thanks to the response that medical professionals have shown to the quality and efficacy of the medicines Roemmers produces.

Roemmers has ranked first in sales among all the pharmaceutical laboratories operating in Argentina for over 20 years.

Since several years ago the company keeps exporting products to Europe, and its presence through its various therapeutic lines is in continuous expansion in the Caucasus region, Middle East, and in countries of the former Soviet Union.