To renew the hope and quality of life by offering superior medicines to healthcare professionals. These pharmaceutical products are to be the result of research, product manufacturing and services provided always with excellence in mind.


To expand the leading-edge position that Roemmers holds in pharma in order to provide a greater quality of life as well as life-expectancy while improving daily the research, diagnosis and treatments performed in the field of Medicine.


Roemmers’ work is founded upon long-lasting values that support its mission and allow the company to meet the goals set forth in its vision.


Respect for People

This is Roemmers’ core value and it is applied to everyone the company comes in contact with: employees and their families, assistants, suppliers, healthcare professionals and the communities where Roemmers has a presence.



Roemmers is guided by the highest ethical standards in both its strategic planning as well as in its commercial and production processes. Protection of the environment is a guiding principle in everything we do.



The strong relationship between teams is the basis for the success of our company. This relationship goes beyond organizational and geographical barriers seeking to correctly interpret the modern pharmaceutical business. This sense of  teamwork throughout the company is strengthened by encouraging mutual respect and the development of individual talents so as to tap employee skills and human potential in the best manner possible. Open dialog and information sharing is a priority in this process.



Roemmers’ track record is the result of the competence and integrity the company has demonstrated in its conduct. With this idea in mind, Roemmers’ development is predicated upon paying special attention to meeting its objectives and achieving the results it has set forth.


Concern for Life

Roemmers’ motto expresses the desire to connect its future to the progress and well-being of our community while caring for and developing our natural resources. Because the causes of diseases, how diseases occur and human suffering are all multiple conditions, we believe there is no cure for all of them and as a result we will not find a solution for some of them. Despite this, Reommers is committed to finding and offering therapeutic solutions and progress in the face of the challenges and the changing needs in the field of healthcare.