Continuous Improvement Program

Laboratorios Roemmers is prepared to meet the needs of both the Argentine and export pharmaceutical market. In order to ensure its position in the pharmaceutical market, Roemmers has launched a Continuous Improvement Program.

There are many reasons that have driven the development of this program but all focus mostly on keeping the company updated by incorporating state-of-the-art technology for the Argentine industry.

This equipment is the latest of its kind used in the European pharmaceutical industry. The equipment is manufactured under requirements that take into consideration that the equipment will be producing and handling drugs that are increasingly more exacting and complex.

By paying special attention for years to manufacturing processes and on-going site and equipment upgrades, Roemmers has ensured that its production facilities comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as well as Quality Standards (ISO 9000) and Environmental Protection (ISO 14000).

The high level of technology and automation in the company’s facilities and the exacting standards of national and international quality assurance has committed Roemmers to develop and put in place intensive training programs for all its personnel. This training includes:

  • Programs to train instructors.
  • Training programs in quality assurance.
  • Programs on health and safety at the workplace and environmental protection.
  • Programs on basic operational standards for sterile areas.
  • Continuos professional training opportunities for its employees that create personnel and job stability.
  • The objectives of the Continuous Improvement Program are:
    1. To incorporate technology and state-of-the-art equipment similar to those used in the most industrialized countries.
    2. To ensure an updated assortment of medicines that reflect the latest breakthroughs in medical science for the people of Argentina and for other communities in the region.
    3. To ensure that all its production sites fully comply with cGMP standards (current Good Manufacturing Practices) of the FDA (in the USA) and with ISO 9000 Quality Standards and ISO 14000.
    4. To optimize industrial processes by increasing productivity and reducing production costs.
    5. To consolidate the leadership and prestige of the products and brands that have positioned Roemmers as the top company in the Argentine Pharmaceutical Industry.
    6. To meet the growing demand for its products in Argentina and in the region.
    7. To develop a strong competitive position both in the argentine market and in MERCOSUR.
    8. To demonstrate the company’s confidence in the country and to contribute to the company’s economic growth.