A. J. Roemmers Foundation

The Alberto J. Roemmers Foundation was created in 1975 in memory of Alberto J. Roemmers with the objective of promoting the development of health sciences at all levels.

Since its inception, the institution, fostered by Mrs. Candelaria Wolter de Roemmers and her children, has focused on three essential functions: providing research grants, organizing symposia and lectures, and publishing books. Their diligence and hard work through the foundation has earned the Roemmers Foundation a well-deserved prestige within the academic and scientific communities.

Over 300 research projects, divided into three categories (new, intermediate training and fully-trained) are submitted to the Foundation every year. Some fifty papers are selected for publication every year based on the relevance of the work and the background of the participants. Grants, given out since 1979, consist of direct financial aid for the projects presented by working teams from universities, institutions and academic bodies. The Roemmers Foundation has given out grants to some 1000 research projects to date.

Grants are directed to basic, applied and epidemiological research, as well as to research related to public health. The results of the research projects funded by the foundation are published in specialized magazines, both in Argentina and abroad as well as in the proceedings of the foundation. The foundation proceedings stand as a compendium which reflects the work of numerous research teams from Argentina and constitute a source of permanent bibliographical inquiry for specialists.

The Alberto J. Roemmers Foundation also conducts seminars, symposia and lectures – both theoretical and practical ones – which allow Argentine medical doctors to have direct contact with their colleagues abroad. The scientific meetings held at the foundation have analyzed subjects including biostatistics, accidents in pediatrics, drug assessment, life and human dignity, epidemiology in diabetes, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, ethics in diagnosis, echocardiography, pharmacoepidemiology, blood substitutes and medical ethics.

The Roemmers Foundation also provides nursing training programs in the city of Buenos Aires and in the heartland of Argentina. This successful program has enjoyed very high levels of attendance by nursing students. This training program has helped advance the relevance of this critical component of healthcare in Argentina.

In addition, the Roemmers Foundation publishes the Proceedings of the Symposia, Lectures and Seminars. These volumes are distributed free to all participants and to medical institutions all over the country. The foundation also co-publishes medical textbooks, as well as catalogs featuring scientific publications of the National Academy of Medicine and of the Buenos Aires School of Medicine.

As you can see, the various initiatives conducted by Roemmers Foundation over the years have been targeted to providing support to research, training and dissemination of health-related sciences.

As a result, the Roemmers Foundation has been recognized with the Platinum Konex Award granted to the industry – Institutions – Community – Companies (1998) and other awards from  institutions such as Fundación del Quemado Dr. Fortunato Benaim (1999), La Rueda Rotaria from the Buenos Aires Rotary Club (1995), Instituto de Investigaciones Bioquímicas Luis F. Leloir (1991), the Argentine Pediatrics Society (1991) and Retorta de Oro granted by Fundación Campomar (1980).

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