Laboratorios Roemmers was founded by Alberto J. Roemmers. Mr. Roemmers came from the town of Lennep, located in Germany’s Rhineland, to Argentina seeking a new beginning. Mr. Roemmers carefully laid the groundwork for his pioneering company using the latest in German technology of the time. Laboratorios Roemmers has since grown into one of the most developed companies in the world in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Alberto J. Roemmers Foundation was created in 1975 to support medical research through grants, by organizing symposia and programs and publishing papers that highlight well-known excellence of Argentine doctors.

Roemmers has started major trends in medical treatments in Argentina by launching local medicines such as: Amoxidal (Amoxicillin), Sertal (Propinox), Atlansil (Amiodarone), Taural (Ranitidine), Acalix (Diltiazem), Lotrial (Enalapril), Lanzopral (Lansoprazol), and Ciriax (Ciprofloxacin). More recently Roemmers has launched Losacor (Losartane), Endial (Glimepiride), Corbis (Bisoprolol) and Plenica (Pregabalin). 

Dorixina (Lysine clonixinate), a molecule developed by the Department of Research and Development at Roemmers, is exported to and sold in Europe. Dorixina proved that a Latin American company could be a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry rather than simply being an importer of medical breakthroughs from abroad.

Roemmers markets 57 million units in Argentina alone on an annual basis, not counting the significant amount of free samples which are provided to medical professionals. Roemmers is very selective in its choices of pharma-chemical products and this is one of the main forces behind the outstanding reputation Roemmers enjoys with both medical professionals and the general public.

Laboratorios Roemmers collaborates with over a thousand individuals including physicians, biochemists, chemists, pharmacists and engineers in various specialties.